Disney Plus STAR Viewing Guide: Drama

With the launch of Disney+ STAR coming in just a few days, the service is set to get a massive content drop and increase its catalogue by over 300 new shows and movies. With so much choice, we wanted to give our readers a one-stop-shop for some curated lists of what we think they’ll enjoy the most.

This list is for the drama titles we think you’ll love.

Big Sky (STAR Original)

From acclaimed storyteller David E. Kelley comes Big Sky, a mystery show focusing on two missing girls, a serial-kidnapper, and a race against time to stop these girls from becoming his latest victims. I've had the opportunity to view some of the episodes and will be posting reviews shortly, so stay tuned.


A salacious, almost soap-opera vibe from Mike Kelley, Revenge is a modern-retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo starring Emily VanCamp (Captain America: Civil War) as Emily Thorne, a woman who moves to The Hamptons in order to seek revenge on the people that led to her father’s demise. Here, she butts heads with the fabulous Madeleine Stowe (Soundtrack), as Victoria Grayson, matriarch of the billionaire Grayson Family.


I absolutely love this show. So many people were disappointed by its ending, but it’s one of those shows that would have been perfect for streaming had streaming been around then. It’s a show that demands to be binged in order to make sense of the heavily serialised elements, the worldbuilding, and the overall mythos.

Prison Break

This show has had about four waves of popularity, and it’s about to get another one. Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) wants to rescue his brother, Lincoln (Dominic Burrows), from a maximum security prison after he was framed for attempted assassination. What follows is 5 seasons of really strong action told in a heavily serialised manner, with a bunch of characters you’ll grow to love.


Imagine a singular moment in time when the whole of humanity blacks out for 2 minutes. In those 2 minutes, everyone on the planet sees into a specific date in the future; some are happier, some are sad, and some see nothing. That’s the basic premise of Flashforward which, though it only went on for one season, was one of my favourite shows back in the day. Who knows, maybe with renewed support and popularity, the show will get revived on the Star platform.

These are just some of the best drama titles I think that are coming to Disney Plus STAR on 23 February 2021. With even more titles added over the next few weeks and months, there’s something for everybody! What will you watch first? Let me know by commenting or following me (@StreamingBuffer) and Josh (@JoshM_Jones) on Twitter!

Until then, happy streaming!

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