Disney Plus STAR Viewing Guide: Dramedy

With the launch of Disney+ STAR coming in just a few days, the service is set to get a massive content drop and increase its catalogue by over 300 new shows and movies. With so much choice, we wanted to give our readers a one-stop-shop for some curated lists of what we think they’ll enjoy the most.

This list is for the dramedy titles we think you’ll love.


From American Horror Story creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck, this show is a biting take on the high-school drama that blends music with comedy, and some very gritty topics. It’s worth a watch just for some of the ridiculous storylines that happen.

Ugly Betty

From the late Silvio Horta, Ugly Betty is a daring take on the modelling/editorial world featuring some standout performances from America Ferrera, Tony Plana and Rebecca Romijn. The show balances comedy with some weighty dramatic beats, and leans into its stars’ Latin-American heritage.

Scream Queens

I adore this show. Scream Queens has everything I could ever want from a mystery show and does it all by viewing the murder-mystery genre through the lens of comedy. It’s not going to be for everyone, but the show doesn’t hold back with the gore and really lets lead Emma Roberts go wild with her portrayal of Chanel.


I don’t generally like procedural shows, but Bones is my exception. The show went on for 12 seasons and, in those 12 seasons, managed to create a fantastical but somewhat realistic view of an alternate present; one where technology knows no bound. In doing that, it let the strength of its cast riff off one another to help cement itself as one of the best procedurals in my view.

These are just some of the best dramedy titles I think that are coming to Disney Plus STAR on 23 February 2021. With even more titles added over the next few weeks and months, there’s something for everybody! What will you watch first? Let me know by commenting or following me (@StreamingBuffer) and Josh (@JoshM_Jones) on Twitter!

Until then, happy streaming!

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