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Everything Coming to NOW TV/Sky in February 2021

As one month ends we look forward to the next, and with that comes new content to stream on all the streaming services we consume! 28 BRAND NEW films are set to premiere on Sky Cinema and NOW TV this month, including some big hits!

1st Feb - The Argument (2020)

2nd Feb - The 24th

3rd Feb - Weathering with You

4th Feb - Bull

5th Feb - Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) - Editor’s Recommendation

It's open season on Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) when her explosive breakup with the Joker puts a big fat target on her back. Unprotected and on the run, Quinn faces the wrath of narcissistic crime boss Black Mask (Ewan McGregor), his right-hand man, Victor Zsasz, and every other thug in the city. But things soon even out for Harley when she becomes unexpected allies with three deadly women -- Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya.

This film is a lot of fun, and definitely worth a watch if you love the superheroes genre!

6th Feb - Villains

7th Feb - Adopt a Highway

8th Feb - The Oath

9th Feb - Nuclear

10th Feb - The Tomorrow Man

11th Feb - Trick or Treat

12th Feb - Dragon Rider (Sky Original)

13th Feb - Becky

14th Feb - Ode to Joy

15th Feb - The Parting Glass

16th Feb - Blood and Money

17th Feb - Walkaway Joe

18th Feb - Spontaneous - Editor’s Recommendation

When students in their high school inexplicably start to explode, seniors Mara and Dylan struggle to survive in a world where each moment may be their last. As unexpected romance blossoms between them, they soon discover that when tomorrow is no longer promised, they can finally start living for today.

Another fun recommendation, lots of visual gags and great humour (despite the subject matter) but 100% worth a watch this month

19th Feb - To Olivia (Sky Original)

20th Feb - Cut Throat City

21st Feb - Sniper: Assassin’s End

22nd Feb - Combat Wombat

23rd Feb - The Devil Has a Name

24th Feb - Skyfire

25th Feb - Big Time Adolescence

26th Feb - The United States vs. Billie Holiday - Editor’s Recommendation

The legendary Billie Holiday, one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, spent much of her career being adored by fans across the globe, all while the Federal Department of Narcotics targeted her with an undercover sting operation led by black Federal Agent Jimmy Fletcher, with whom she had a tumultuous affair. Inspired by her life story, THE UNITED STATES VS. BILLIE HOLIDAY intimately examines her struggles with addiction, fame and heartbreaking love.

This film is a big name in the Oscar runnings this year, with Andra Day being tipped for the Best Actress award - really excited about this film, and great that we get a film streaming the same day as the US for once...

27th Feb - You Should Have Left

28th Feb - The Silencing

What films are you most looking forward to? You can get in contact with myself (@JoshM_Jones) and Mo (@StreamingBuffer) on Twitter!

Happy Streaming!

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