Expect Details on Raya and the Last Dragon to be Publicly Revealed Shortly

Disney hadn't updated the code for their site since 18 December 2020; now, a month later, they have. The code now indicates that people will be able to find local details about Raya and The Last Dragon by going to: www.disneyplus.com/rayaninfo. As of right now (3:00 UTC 22 January 2021) the site is inaccessible, but it is worth noting that Disney had a similar site for when it released Mulan over Premier Access. The site is expected to contain local prices, an overview of Premier Access (most likely with new integration on GroupWatch), and when people can expect the title to reach the service at no additional cost.

We'll update you on if there is anything more found in the code - my weekend just got a whole lot busier!

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