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WandaVision's second episode also hit our screens this morning at 8am British Time. If you didn't catch my Episode 1 review, go check it out! The tl;dr of that is that I loved the episode and instantly wanted to see what comes next. Whilst this episode is a little weaker than Episode 1, by no means is it anything less than amazing itself. This episode sees Wanda and Vision prepare for a neighbourhood fundraiser, a talent show, that's for the children. What could go wrong?

It's an Illusion

Vision's stage name, Illusion, is an interesting one because we all know that - in this show - Vision is an illusion. The idea of using their powers to compete in a stage magic act is just a little stroke of genius, as a treat. It naturally paves the way for sitcom tropes of having to hide things. This episode was a little more creative with its cinematography so I wonder if they added in the laugh track during post, similar to How I Met Your Mother.

Courtesy: Disney

What the Helicopter is Going on Here?

As Wanda's illusion starts to break, glimpses of the outside world begin seeping to her. The first of these is the SWORD helicopter shown in one of the many, many trailers. Whilst the world around Wanda is monochromatic, this helicopter appears to be the source of the crashing sound. Is this a real helicopter that has crashed into her bubble reality?

Courtesy: Disney

Vision's Trip to the GUM Clinic...

Vision accidentally swallows a piece of gum and gets Baymax drunk, which is to say: really f**king weird. There isn't anything universe breaking about that, just that it happens and provides some excellent bits of visual and character comedy.

Courtesy: Disney

Meet Geraldine

Geraldine is someone we know to be real, and not a figment of Wanda's imagination, because she is played by Teyonah Parris, the MCU's new, aged up Monica Rambeau. She scrambles to think of a name and picks "Geraldine", which I think is a reference to Geraldine Rumlow who is a doctor in the comics at... the CLINIC FOR PARANORMAL RESEARCH, i.e. exactly what my theory said!

Courtesy: Disney

For The Children

We been known that Wanda was going to have kids in this show, but that doesn't make the episode's themes of family and children less pertinent. There isn't much rhyme or reason as to how/why Wanda is pregnant, which fits into the whole 50s/60s aesthetic that the black and white episodes are going for. Fun fact, I Love Lucy was the very first sitcom to ever show a pregnant woman. That aside, the fact that the talent show is to raise money for the local school is indicative of the future of Wanda and Vision. Whilst the end of the episode is definitely nice, it's somewhat foreboding. We see the shift to technicolour as Wanda and Vision fawn over her surprise bump, all the while knowing that while we're in colour, something dark is coming.

Courtesy: Disney

Rating: 5/5

I think Disney's strategy of releasing the two black and white episodes simultaneously, and having the end of the second episode shift to colour, should be enough of a hint that the rest of WandaVision will be in colour for those who are concerned.

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Until then, happy streaming!

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