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WandaVision's first episode hit our screens this morning at 8am British Time, and the show is very, very good. We got a sense of what type of show it would be from the trailers even if it was an unconscious one, i.e. the idea of a sitcom-like show within the MCU is so foreign that its premise is inherently bonkers. That said, the show doesn't waste time in hinting that there is something nefarious going on beneath the surface. Early on, we get a sense of an impending doom headed the way of our heroes - it is a superhero show, after all. Though we don't know the full extent of it, the introduction of SWORD to the MCU definitely hints at something much larger than we expected to be explored within the confines of a Disney+ show.

A Stark Contrast

Name-dropping Stark Industries as an advert for a toaster taking place within the show certainly lends some credence to the idea that this is all happening in Wanda's head. Earlier this week, Feige mentioned about a beeping red dot with the word "Stark" on it meaning something more to some fans than others, and exploring Wanda's past within the MCU with reference to Stark Industries makes it seem like she's reliving her past through this lens. This experimental take to the MCU is a huge departure from the usual fast-paced nature of a movie because there's a lot of mythology to unpack in not too much time.

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Kathryn Hahn is a Revelation

I don't think that was ever in question, but it's still good to acknowledge that every once in a while. She plays the role of a nosy neighbour ever so well, and her own character has a couple of choice lines in the next episode that I think ought to prick some ears up. The character of Agnes is introduced as someone who loves a gossip and loves to just focus her energy into being the one who knows everything about everyone. I'm interested to see the role her character plays moving forward, as we skip through the decades, because she seems to be the key to revealing a lot of what's going on behind the scenes.

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It's Really Just Wanda-Ful!

Now, I don't know if Marvel can necessarily sustain this premise for longer than one season, but that is fine. This show really does hint at something much grander and much more universe shattering than anything I think we've ever seen before. I can't fault Lizzie Olsen's and Paul Bettany's performances because they're just amazing. Apart from Tony and Pepper, the MCU didn't handle relationships really well; they just sort of plonked you in the middle of one and expected you to see (or invent!) the chemistry between the two. Now, however, this pair is able to really let their relationship with one another grow within the context of visual continuity.

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Rating: 5/5

Stay tuned for my Episode 2 review dropping later tonight! Did you like Episode 1 of WandaVision? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter! Follow me and Josh on Twitter (@StreamingBuffer) and (@JoshM_Jones) respectively!

Until then, happy streaming!

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