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Who is the Mystery WandaVision Appearance?

In a recent interview with TVLine, Elizabeth Olsen confirmed that WandaVision is set to have a cameo similar to Luke Skywalker’s appearance in the Season 2 Finale of The Mandalorian. She also mentioned that it is a casting which she can’t believe hasn’t leaked yet.

It’s time to speculate as there are many characters who this surprise appearance could be.

Spoiler Warning: There was a recent leak for upcoming episodes of WandaVision but those will not be discussed in this article or theorized upon, as Olsen mentioned too the character is one that hasn’t been leaked yet.


With Clint Barton set to have his own series premiere on Disney+ in Late 2021, it could be worth pointing out that he could be the character who has a cameo in later episodes. Clint is the main reason why Wanda became an avenger in the first place, and the pair were last seen talking in Endgame about dealing with each other losing someone during the events of the film.

Whilst not the most prominent relationship on screen, it would make a lot of sense for Wanda to contact Clint potentially before the events of Westview as she comes to term with the loss of Vision as she struggles with it – evidently so that she’s created her own reality where Vision is still alive.

Doctor Strange

Potentially the most likely of theories for this mysterious appearance. It is common knowledge that the events of WandaVision will set up Wanda’s appearance in the sequel Doctor Strange film (Multiverse of Madness), and what better way to connect the two by having Stephen Strange show up last minute and see the mess Wanda ends up creating potentially?


Last seen in Age of Ultron, it would be pretty weird to someone dead and close to Wanda show up in Westview, perhaps as another neighbour or showing up randomly at a town meeting. Especially since Wanda has already mentioned him this season too. Many fans felt Quicksilver was underused in the MCU, especially considering he was also a prominent character in FOX’s X-Men series. I feel having Aaron Taylor Johnson show up would be great and definitely stir up the mystery within Westview


Another character mentioned by Wanda and also the rival of Vision – Ultron showing up would be awesome! Even if it was not the real Ultron but instead a human in the form of Ultron actor, James Spader. You could have him show up in either a commercial or turn up at Wanda’s door and I’d be just as excited! It is most likely that Ultron is dead in the MCU after Vision destroyed the final Ultron body preventing him from uploading his conscience to the internet. However, in the comics he has returned before – something I could see happening in Armor Wars (which would be awesome!)


The final bit of speculation is extremely farfetched, however, this one goes back to the connection between WandaVision and the Dr Strange sequel, Multiverse of Madness. I speculate we could see an iteration of Michael Fassbender or Ian McKellen’s Magneto show up in WandaVision even if it’s a walk-on role or a 5-second appearance similar to how The CW’S Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. It would also be a great way for Marvel to bring in the X-Men into the MCU – even if it is a bit early…

Who do you think will be the guest appearance in WandaVision? You can let us know in the comments below or by getting in touch with us on Twitter - @JoshM_Jones and @StreamingBuffer

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