Search Party Season 4 Dropping 14 Jan!

How the f**k did I miss this?! I lamented in my Top 10 Shows of 2020 article about how much I loved Search Party (Season 3) and I didn't even think to check when Season 4 would be dropping. It is currently 1:30am, 13 January 2021 and I was flicking through HBO Max (details on how I access it found in this article) to find something to watch and saw a snippet that said "Season 4 coming soon". Needless to say, I raced to my phone to see if there was any information and I was met with a whole trailer!

The season seems to be doing a staggered, semi-binge release:

  • 14 Jan - 3 episodes

  • 21 Jan - 3 episodes

  • 28 Jan - 4 episodes

I, for one, am ecstatic. If you haven't managed to catch it yet and you're in the UK, you can access HBO Max through the StreamLocator service. I may make some money should you choose to purchase it through the affiliate link.

Do you plan on watching Search Party (Season 4) when it drops? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

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Until then, happy streaming!

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