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I religiously, if you'll pardon the pun, watched the first season of the TV+ Original Servant. One thing you need to know about this show: it's not for the faint of heart. The newest season premiered two weeks ago, on 15 January 2021, and it's so much better than an already above average first season. I've held off doing an impressions article until we had a bit of time to let the story develop and, now that we're three episodes in, I've got a pretty good idea of where it's going.

This season opens with the Turners reeling in from the disappearance of the non-dead "Jericho". He was taken by Leanne, who is now missing after departing with her cult last season. The complexity of the situation is really a testament to the writing by show runner Tony Basgallop; it treads a fine line of balancing the differing interests of every single involved party. Dorothy still hasn't realised that the real Jericho died, and she sees this as an abduction, whereas Sean and Julian see themselves as kidnappers of the new Jericho. It's really stellar writing because you don't quite know whose side you're on.

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While Sean grapples with a crisis of faith, Julian tries to find Roscoe, who himself has gone missing as a result of Leanne's cult. I think what's really fascinating about this season in particular is that they really don't waste any time in telling the story that they want to tell. Whilst last season felt like it was building up to the reveal of what really happened to Jericho, and that anticipation was good for an opening season, it somewhat lacked a bit in terms of story propulsion. The main reason I held off discussing this season until now was because I thought that the premiere would obviously be a full episode but it would sharply decline by Episode 2; similarly to the first season; but, I am so glad to have been wrong.

It goes without saying that the performances by the actors are stellar, but the characterisation has exceeded my expectations. Dorothy, who was already a fantastically complex character, shows a different side to herself this season. Whereas last season, her motivations were slightly ambiguous, this season she has one singular focus: get Jericho back.

I mentioned earlier that I've been waiting to see what this season is building towards, and I think it's the inevitable realisation that Jericho is dead by Dorothy. She is the tragic hero of this show, and she doesn't get to have a happy ending. The themes of this show are grief and repentance and, for whatever reason, Leanne feels as though Dorothy has to repent for the accidental death of Jericho.

I'm not going to rate this yet, but what I will do is say to go and watch it. It's a really fun ride and it's so exciting to have this show back. Servant is streaming on TV+ with new episodes releasing every Friday.

If you've already seen it, what do you think? Let me know in the comments down below or on Twitter! Follow me and Josh on Twitter (@StreamingBuffer and @JoshM_Jones).

Until then, happy streaming!

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