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The Flight Attendant is an HBO Max original and stars Kaley Cuoco as Cassie, a flight attendant who also happens to be a high-functioning alcoholic. After flirting with a first-class passenger, she wakes up in a Bangkok hotel room overlooking the Thai cityscape, but there's blood on her hands. No, literally; the passenger from seat 3C is dead, and his blood is on her hands. The only catch: she can't remember a f**king thing.

This is an excellent show. It's so refreshing to see something that balances humour, drama and crime in such an expert way. The show feels exciting to watch, not just because of its premise, but in the way that it is presented. There are moments in each episode where Cassie converses with the dead guy as a figment of her imagination, and it's such a fun way of exploring her own inner turmoil.

The supporting cast are great; no one character feels like they overstay their welcome. This isn't a show that tries to catch you out, it's a show that lets things unfold and is deeply explore things that lesser shows would often just gloss over. I'll do a full spoilers review once the finale airs this Thursday, but know that I recommend you watch this.

If you're in the UK, you can catch it on HBO Max through one of the completely legal methods that are available online.

Until then, happy streaming!

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