'Wakanda' Series in Development at Disney+

To celebrate Black History Month, Deadline has just dropped an exclusive: a Ryan Coogler produced Wakanda series is in development at Disney+.

The series comes as a part of a five-year multi-project deal with the service. Coogler, known in Disney circles for Black Panther, is producing the series under his own Proximity Productions. At this point, it is not known when the series would drop - Black Panther II is set to debut in theatres on 8 July 2022 - and the series is part of a five-year deal meaning it would likely drop in 2023 at the earliest. It is also not known whether this would be a live-action or animated series.

When can we expect any further details about this show? Probably not for a while, but maybe at the next Disney Investor Day or during Comic-Con. The Kingdom of Wakanda is a rich and fruitful setting that embodies the genre of afro-futurism; as the idea of the Black Panther gets folded more into the eventised movies such as Avengers, this series would add an inextricable amount of depth and keep the setting alive.

Things We Don’t Know

  • Whether this is set within the timeline of the present MCU or whether it would be a prequel

  • Who is set to star in it

  • When it will be released

  • Whether it will be live-action or animated

  • Whether it is a mini or limited series, or one with an indefinite time frame

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Credit: Deadline

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