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WandaVision: Episode 3 Review (Josh)

Another week has flown by, bringing another Friday alongside the debut of a brand new episode in the Marvel limited series WandaVision

As always, I'll be breaking down this week's episode giving my thoughts and speculations about what is set to come over the coming weeks. This is your spoiler warning for Episode 3 if you have yet to watch the episode and choose to move on, read at your own risk...

Episode 3 kicks off with a Brady Bunch inspired theme song and opening credits, featuring Wanda and Vision going about their daily lives in Westview, featuring appearances from Agnes, Phil and Herb too. The titles now mention that what we're now watching is in colour, having transitioned from the monochrome 50's/60's settings of the first two episodes.

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Our episode opens with the town doctor coming to the verdict that Wanda is expecting, with Vision completely shocked about how this has happened, which then gives the doctor to begin giving Vision "the talk" in a hilarious moment. Adamant on his concern for the situation, Wanda persists with him telling him all is okay. It is later revealed that the doctor is off on holiday to Bermuda... but more on that later. Whilst outside, Herb is seen trimming the hedges, until he loses all sense of control and awareness and begins cutting into the Vision residence's wall, could this be Herb becoming dormant for a slight moment?

Vis returns inside to find Wanda's bump has once again grown - we also get some poor dad jokes from Paul Bettany... he's already a fantastic father! Wanda prepares the nursery using her magic, whilst Vision begins to determine how far along Wanda is. The two debate over names for their child - with Wanda wanting to name their child Tommy and Vision wanting Billy, after Will Shakespeare

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Vision continues to question his sanity and the state of the town when he tells Wanda that "he thinks something's wrong here" - and fair play to Elizabeth Olsen in this scene because she kills it all episode. The face of pure fear meets Vision's statement before we have a great rewind effect similar to Episode 2, however, this time its more of a jump and less of an obvious rewind. Once the rewind happens, Vision seems to forget about his concerns and the two have a nice moment about their happiness with each other.

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We then have some really fun scenes as Wanda begins to have contractions, they're not any normal contractions as they seem to have an effect on their surroundings at home, but also around Westview too (as if Wanda is in control of Westview...) Vision flys in shock as they both end up having to do breathing exercises to calm each other down, a hilarious scene filled with a great visual gag as Wanda's waters break signalling the pipes in the home to break too

This week's commercial isn't as obvious as the past two we've had but I have a little theory on what it could potentially mean. The commercial features a struggling housewife as she deals with kids messing the house. burnt dinner, smoothie markers going bust and dogs peeing everywhere. The narrator asks if she "needs a break", to which she responds "You read my mind". NOW we know Wanda received her powers from a certain stone and I believe today's commercial mirrors both that but also the situation WestView is currently in. A later line in the commercial mentions how you can "Escape to a world all on your own"... which is what Wanda has done herself.

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Also worth noting is what the commercial is advertising... Hydra Soak, a luxury bath powder features in this weeks commercial and fans of Agents of Shield may be familiar with the idea of Hydra soap, perhaps. There is an episode where Agent Coulson is in a simulated reality and he discusses how Hydra used mind control soap on their victims - could this be what the commercial is referring to? And not the mind stone perhaps?

Geraldine soon arrives and pays a visit to Wanda who hilariously attempts to hide her bump whilst chatting with Geraldine as she follows her around the house. Items such as a fruit bowl and coat are techniques Wanda uses to hide the bump. Whilst this is all happening, we have a Stork making its way around the house, coming close to being spotted by Geraldine as it attempts to take a bite of the fish patterned pants she is wearing.

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Wanda soon gives birth to Tommy, and whilst Vision holds him - Wanda goes into labour AGAIN! In an odd twist, it's revealed that Wanda was expecting twins all this time. Whilst waving off the doctor, Vision chats with him who tells Vision that he doesn't think he'll get away after all on his trip... "Small towns, so hard to escape" VERY INTERESTING - we also have an interesting moment with Herb and Agnes, as they warn Vision of Geraldine, and how odd it is that she has no family, and came from out of nowhere. Herb then starts saying "she came here because we're all-" before Agnes shuts him down as if she doesn't want Vision to know... It is very obvious that Herb is one of the townspeople under "a spell" - I don't believe he is aware of what's properly going and I do not see him becoming a villain later on in the series... as for Agnes and Ralph...

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Whilst this is happening, Wanda and Geraldine discuss Pietro, Wanda's twin whilst she sings what I believe to be a Sokovian lullaby to the twins. "He was killed by Ultron" - asks Geraldine in a shocking moment which definitely gave me goosebumps! Wanda is shocked after what she hears and starts to question her identity. She notices her S.W.O.R.D necklace and horror pursues as the music picks up the pace with a really eerie tone. What I think has happened here is Geraldine had her memory from outside of Westview brought back as soon as Pietro was mentioned. The closing moments of the episode see Monica shot out of Westview's borders as a troop of SWORD vehicles arrive and surround her... revealing the barrier to Westview!

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Another fantastic epiosde from Marvel!

Episode Rating: 4/5

The WandaVision reviews will be changing from next week onwards as we will be working together on a site review with both mine and Mo's thoughts in one... be sure to keep an eye out for that next week

Happy Streaming!

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