WandaVision (1-05) Full Review

WandaVision’s fifth episode just released on Disney Plus and we have a lot of thoughts and theories. Spoilers after the ad! Seriously, this episode was insane, so take that spoiler warning as a hard one because we’re not joking.

Should we just take it from the top? (Plot)

Mo: This episode decided to split the time we got in Westview with the time outside of Westview. How Wanda responds to internal and external threats to the reality she has, now canonically suggested, created is a really compelling thing. The episode picks up in Westview in the 80s with the standard scene of the new parents trying to get their kids to sleep when, all of a sudden, Agnes comes in and delivers the line I’ve been waiting for all season long:

Credit: Disney

Meanwhile, in the real world, Monica is recovering from her… tumble, when Hayward (whose glimpses of pure anger we saw last episode got dialled up to eleven in this one) briefs the rest of the SWORD team on what they believe to be the cause of the Westview Anomaly: Wanda. There, Hayward shows grainy camera footage of Wanda entering the SWORD headquarters merely 9 days before to go and retrieve (read: steal) Vision’s corpse. She looked pretty determined which makes me think that someone could have set her up to this and given her information she needed to get what it is she really wants.

In Westview, the kids age in front of Agnes but, because she doesn’t acknowledge it, Vision begins to wonder and question what’s going on. He goes to work (despite it being a Saturday), and SWORD agents on the outside try to communicate with him through an 80s computer. No letter opener needed. After everyone in the office reads the “electronic mail” out loud, Vision “wakes” Norm up who urges him to stop Wanda because she is “inside [his] head”. He’s panicking and doesn’t know what’s going on, nor where he is, and it’s pretty good acting by Asif Ali to go from abject fear to the character in the WandaVision TV Show so quickly.

Credit: Disney

The SWORD agents try to use old technology to force their way into Westview, none of those fancy but probably impractical helicopter drones this time round. They get a sight of Wanda but the feed cuts out. Then, the breach alarm sounds. Wanda leaves the Westview perimeter and meets with the SWORD agents, threatening them to leave her alone or else.

Credit: Disney

After a signature, chilling, commercial for “Lagos” paper towels we return to Westview. The kids’ dog dies after eating Agnes’s bushes. That seems like a pretty odd thing to have occurred and she could have very easily have introduced the dog to Wanda’s kids in order to take it away from them and force them to age up. That doesn’t wind up happening, though, and Wanda has a very poignant conversation about how you can’t bring things back to life. I feel there’s somewhat of a message there but I can’t quite place my finger on it…

Vision and Wanda have their first argument and the credits roll.

But they still carry on arguing, even past the credits. Her inability to control the situation and, more importantly, her inability to control Vision, is the focal point of the last few moments of this episode as she establishes that she has a great (if not total) control over this place and the people. Vision can’t remember anything about his life from before Westview and states that he is scared. Their argument breaks, however, when the doorbell rings. Wanda seemingly fesses up to using sitcom-y tropes like this but argues that this time, it wasn’t her. When she answers the door, we’re met with a familiar back of the head. Something we’ve seen before. Then the camera pans.

Credit: Disney

IT’S EVAN PETERS! Marvel fans will know Peters for his sublime take on Quicksilver, i.e. Pietro Maximoff, in the FoX-Men movies. While there were rumours of Evan Peters appearing in WandaVision that date back to over a year ago, nobody really thought anything of it because of how weird it would be. Luckily, fan favourite and audience mouthpiece Dr Lewis had something to say about that:

Credit: Disney

And that about caps off the plot for this episode; over to the little details we noticed!

What are we looking for? (Little details)

Mo: I liked the smaller details that gave us some insight into Monica’s relationship with Captain Marvel as is; there was a little moment where Jimmy Woo mentioned her by name and Monica looked pissed off. My favourite theory on this was actually made last week by none other than the internet’s busiest nerdy nerd, Erik Voss, who said that it’s possible Maria was requested on a space mission with Carol which resulted in her getting the cancer diagnosis. I’ll discuss this more in the next section, but bear that in mind.

Hayward also name dropped Germany and Lagos, both references to some of Wanda’s previous appearances in the MCU (Civil War and Age of Ultron respectively).

We get a small glimpse of the picture/theory board and see that, yet again, AGNES HAS NO IDENTIFICATION.

Credit: Disney

SWORD has a pretty good idea of what’s happening and, yet, they still can’t figure out who Agnes is. One inconsistency, though, is that the profile for Norm states that Vision awakened him, but this was made in the time between Monica being swallowed up and ejected. We see Vision awakening Norm in this episode, so it’s a bit confusing as to the timeline which is something I find weird considering the narrow timeline within which this show operates. They’re getting down and dirty with exact days since someone did something but a prop throws that all out the window. Not too bad though, to be perfectly honest.

The final point I have, we see this nice little visualisation every time Vision “awakens” someone which, as it happens, is like an on/off switch. We see that same visualisation in the second trailer for the show when Vision appears to awaken Agnes. That episode is the Halloween one which, if this one gives any indication as to the content of episodes moving forward, will be next week. Maybe we’ll get some answers that don’t invite more questions!

Josh: We get a nice nod to Wanda’s alias in the comics set up by Director Hayward… Whilst giving the Westview briefing, in a hilarious exchange with Jimmy Woo “Does Maximoff have an alias, no funny nickname?” - now we know that in next week’s Halloween themed episode both Wanda and Vision will be donning their classic comic costumes, and I think we could get another nod to the comics with a name drop, maybe even Agnes going as far to call Wanda the “Scarlet Witch” once revealed in her costume.

Monica has powers already! I think anyways… once her vitals come back, they’re discovered to be blanks… which is a surprise to both Darcy and the medic who ask for a redo to which Monica isn’t having… could this be her trying to hide her powers potentially? There’s a lot of potential that this could be true as we could see Billy and Tommy gaining their comic superpowers in future episodes too if Wanda can grant these powers.

The Hex (Overall connection to the MCU)

Mo: As I mentioned in the last section, we get a lot of name drops to previous MCU movies. But this episode extends further than the MCU with the introduction of the FoX-Men Pietro. It’s interesting how they’re doing this because, if Wanda created this and literally rewrote reality (as they state in the episode), she’s by far the #StrongestAvenger. More than that, though, it implies that her powers have multiverse bending capabilities. Maybe we’ve been looking at the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness title wrong, maybe it isn’t a madly chaotic multiverse; maybe it’s a multiverse borne out of Wanda’s madness.

The name drop of Captain Marvel was interesting. We know that Captain Marvel 2 takes place at least a while after the first movie because Teyonah Parris is acting in it as Monica Rambeau again. Whether this takes place before or after the events of WandaVision or maybe even before the Blip, we just don’t know. You’re not ready for my theory on what I think will happen, so let’s just get Josh’s take on the connections.

Josh: Whilst discussing the theory of the Hex, Monica mentions that she knows an “aerospace engineer that would be up for this job” - who she then proceeds to text. First time watching I didn’t see her pull out her phone, but upon rewatching she definitely messages someone… who is that someone? Relating back to my previous speculation (link), could the mysterious cameo of the season be who Monica is texting… of all the aerospace engineers in the Marvel lore - we could see a few names pop up, but it should be worth noting that Monica knows them personally… Victor von Doom and Reed Richards - both characters of the Fantastic Four series come to mind… would Marvel set up a project set a few years in the distance right now though?

The “Lagos brand” commercial this episode is obviously a nod to Wanda’s little slip up in an Avengers mission during the events of Captain America: Civil War - where Brock Rumlow plans to steal a biological chemical weapon from the Institute for Infectious Diseases in Lagos, Nigeria. After being cornered, Rumlow attempts to commit suicide with a bomb vest, trying to take Rogers with him in an act of revenge. Wanda then tries to contain the explosion, but she loses control of her powers and inadvertently destroys a nearby building, killing several relief aid workers from Wakanda. The “spillage” of juice obviously referring to the blood spill caused by Wanda, and the brilliant tagline “For when you make a mess you didn’t mean to” all make for another awesome commercial set in Westview’s sitcom.

What, you didn’t see that coming? (Predictions)

Mo: Oh boy, here we go, my favourite part of these reviews. To be honest, I have no clue where the show is going to go. I have some rough ideas that I think we’ll see a couple of huge payoffs in the next episode:

  • We’ll get some information about Agnes

  • We’ll get more Evan Peters

  • We’ll see the 90s/Halloween episode

  • Vision will continue to awaken people

These are the dead certs in my view. I definitely agree with Josh, it’s possible that the manifestation of Pietro in Westview is just something done by someone a lot more nefarious. One thing I keep circling back to is the kids aging up on demand. I’ve been very vocal about my love for the Marvel hellcat Mephisto, so it’s possible that Agnes is intentionally overlooking the kids aging up because she doesn’t want to get booted from Westview. It’s also possible that she wants the kids to age up because, when they’re at a certain age, that’s when their power becomes more important to Mephisto.

Who knows, really, though?

Josh: We get a nice nod to Wanda’s alias in the comics set up by Director Hayward… Whilst giving the Westview briefing, in a hilarious exchange with Jimmy Woo “Does Maximoff have an alias, no funny nickname?” - now we know that in next week’s Halloween themed episode both Wanda and Vision will be donning their classic comic costumes, and I think we could get another nod to the comics with a name drop, maybe even Agnes going as far to call Wanda the “Scarlet Witch” once revealed in her costume.

It also shouldn’t be avoided but EVAN PETERS! I personally believe he is a sitcom character, and that only and he is not the Pietro we know from either the Age of Ultron or X-Men Films, but a completely new one made for Wanda to keep her calm and constructed in Westview by whoever is in control...

Summary and rating

Mo: The show moves at a breakneck pace despite it airing weekly. There is no more information than is absolutely necessary to keep you interested whilst not giving everything away. The bits of information that we’re getting, at this stage, it feels like everything’s important and I love that. It’s a twisty, strange show and this episode wastes no time in giving us answers as well as some top-notch fan-service; it’s got to be a 5/5 again.

Josh: This series keeps on getting better and this episode proves it. I really believe we’ve got a great mix of “real-life” with SWORD on the outside trying to figure everything out, whilst still getting a great amount of Westview too. Some interesting moments in this episode, and with still 4 episodes to go - there’s no saying what could possibly happen next… 4.5/5 only because I know the quality is improving each week.

What did you think? Did you like Episode 5 of WandaVision? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, where you can find me (@StreamingBuffer) and Josh (@JoshM_Jones). Watch new episodes of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision every Friday at 00:00PST (8am UK Time) until 5 March 2021.

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