WandaVision Episode 7 "Breaking the Fourth Wall" Full Review

WandaVision just released its seventh episode, “Breaking the Fourth Wall” on Disney Plus and… wow. The episode manages to find new and exciting ways of surprising the casual viewer, giving phenomenal payoffs to fans, and bringing new characters into the forefront of the MCU moving forward.

Spoilers ahead.

Snoopers gonna snoop | Plot

Josh: After our weekly recap of the previous events of WandaVision, the episode opens to a recovering Wanda in bed and VT reacting to last week's events as it jumps back and forth between a comedic take on the hex expanding and Wanda snuggled up in bed. Cracks start to show as Billy and Tommy arrive upstairs and warn Wanda that their games console isn’t working - which cuts to the controllers transforming in the boys hands with the signature red glitch effect we all know and love. Also worth noting that Billy says his head hurts… but more on that later.

Credit: Disney

Wanda demands she is left by herself as she decides to take a day just to herself like a quarantine staycation as it’s revealed she has yet to change out of her halloween costume. Wanda comes down as the twins fight over the TV, and begins to make some breakfast… similar to the games controllers, the milk begins to switch back and forth between a modern carton of milk and a glass bottle (something we would have expected to see in Episodes 1 or 2) - Wanda describes it all as a case of the mondays, shortly followed by a “The Office” inspired opening sequence, which also steals the Modern Family font for the final shot of the intro.

Credit: Disney

We get to see SWORD’s temporary retreat, marked eight miles outside of Westview, NJ. Hayward and Agent Rodriquez are discussing how lucky they are that Wanda pumped the brakes on expanding the Hex and that the signal which aired SWORD’s version of WandaVision is no longer transmitting. He announces that the team is “launching today” - what that is… we don’t know YET. Vision wakes up where we last saw him but now the SWORD clowns are in full role for the circu and setting up rehearsals, it's revealed that Darcy is the escape artist, mimicking how we last saw her handcuffed to a car after Wanda’s episode outside the barrier. We cut back to Wanda and the twins as she states that “if he doesn’t wanna be here, there’s nothing I can do about it”, I reckon this is Wanda slowly giving up on trying to keep control of his every movement especially after rewinding everything in the first few episodes, and Wanda is slowly giving up on the false reality she created, which is starting to show as the world starts shifting between eras. Wanda tells the boys that Pietro isn’t their uncle, which is interesting as Pietro is nowhere to be seen, and when challenged by the twins - Wanda simply says she has no answers. Agnes shows up and decides to look after the boys during Wanda’s staycation, upon their departure the objects and the house itself begin to switch again, leading to Wanda attempting to fix it all with her magic

Credit: Disney

Jimmy Woo and Monica are seen in good form after their near miss with the Hex, and are seen on the way to meet up with the “aerospace engineer” Marjor Goodner, whilst making their trip Jimmy notifies Monica that Darcy was successful getting past Hayward’s firewalls and discovered a project, code named Cataract - which is everything Hayward tried to recreate Vision but as a weapon. Goodner meets the pair, and gives them the device which will allow Monica to get back into the Hex. Monica gets suited up later in the episode and begins to make her way back into the Hex… as she hits the border, she begins to slowly get in, however the barriers density begins to match that of the vehicle and begins to be rewritten and Monica has to escape the vehicle before she is rewritten once more. In a fight or fly moment. Monica decides to brave it, and run into the Hex. Upon re-entry, the first thing we hear is Maria’s voice as she states “I can’t leave Monica” in a moment which I believe is when Maria left Monica with her grandparents, presumably to go off on adventures with Captain Marvel or to start SWORD. We hear the voices of Nick Fury, the Dr from when Monica returned from the Blip and Woo, until Monica hears the voice of Carol Danvers which is when she begins to take control of her shifting persona as she makes her way into the Hex. Her split realities which all glitch become one and Monica receives some special eyes, and what I expect to be her Photon powers as she makes her way into Westview once again - so freaking awesome!!!

Credit: Disney

One thing this episode gets right is how much it feels like a Parks and Rec/The Office esque sitcom, from the camera movements to the punchy jokes. Vision awakens Darcy at the circus, as Darcy jokingly mentions she wanted a guest spot on WandaVision, but the escape artist sucked. The two then begin to make their way back to the centre of WestView, but are hilariously stopped at a red light for a good time, Vision stating it’s Wanda’s doing like she doesn’t want him home. Vision and Wanda discuss the events of Infinity War, mention Ultron and talk about how Wanda had to kill Vision to save the universe.

Credit: Disney

We then jump to Agnes’ humble abode where she and the twins are seen chilling. Billy announces he enjoys being there, as it is “quiet” and Agnes is too, “on the inside”. Tommy asks if Wanda is okay to which Agnes tells them not to worry about their Mum. Which hilariously jumps to a VT with Agnes where she says Wanda is “cuckoo for coco puffs”. Monica soon shows up at the Vision residence, telling Wanda that the whole thing is about Vision. Wanda goes cuckoo and begins to make a scene as she mentions the drones, the missiles and Pietro? Very clear here that Wanda believed that SWORD were the ones who sent in Pietro, and it wasn’t her doing - this makes sense as Wanda was always questioning Pietro’s identity and she even mentioned earlier that he was not the boy’s uncle. Wanda’s neighbours watch on, as Wanda and Monica clash with words, where Monica warns her that Hayward will burn Westview to the ground. Agnes soon sees what happens between the two and makes her way outside to intervene, right as Monica starts to get to Wanda.

Once inside Agnes home for the second time this episode, Wanda sits as Agnes goes for tea. Wanda notices the twin’s food half eaten with the TV still on from earlier… to which she asks Agnes about where the boys are, leading Wanda to the basement. She navigates through the dark and damp basement, and finds a branched opening with roots covering stone walls - this is no longer Agnes’ house, we know this as the aspect ratio changes once again to tell us we’re no longer in Wanda’s false reality. The basement becomes a sort of witch’s lair as we see a shot of a mysterious glowing book. Agnes shows up and tells Wanda “you didn’t think you were the only magical girl in town” as it is revealed that after all this time Agnes was in fact Agatha Harkness.

Credit: Disney

We then get a tease of Agnes’ purple magic as we transition into a intro made specifically for Agatha as we see she was behind everything all along, also teasing Agatha’s witch costume which is briefly seen at the start of the intro. One of the major reveals from this title sequence is that Agatha was behind Pietro showing up all along… and she also killed Sparky… RIP

Credit: Disney

Before we finish, there’s a sneaky post credits scene… with Monica making her way to Agatha/Agnes’ home and opening up the basement hatch before she is greeted by “Pietro” who has a great line with “Snoopers gonna snoop”. Worth noting that when this exchange happens, Monica’s eyes turn purple similar to Wandas when Agatha takes over her mind… interesting to say the least.

Credit: Disney

W.N.D.A. | Little Details

Mo: When it comes to little details, this episode had them all. From the “The Office” style intro showing that Wanda is mostly the focus of the episode, to the huge Mephisto clues. I’m half tempted to just list them all.

The episode opens with a news broadcast playing in the background of a Modern Family-esque style sitcom world. We hear the name of the news station, W.N.D.A, a shortened version of Wanda’s name. As Wanda pours out some cereal, we get a very quick shot of the side of the milk carton which features the picture of a child with the word “MISSING” on it, foreshadowing her own children going missing later on in the episode.

Skipping forward, when Wanda goes into Agatha's lair, she comes across a mysterious book. This book is known as the Darkhold, Marvel’s in-universe spellbook, which was a plot point in Agents of SHIELD. I don’t know that this necessarily recanonises AOS but it’s a nice reference either way.

Last week, I mentioned the recurring theme of animals and I am so glad to say that this episode continues onward with that. To familiarise yourself:

  • Episode 1: Lobster

  • Episode 2: Rabbit

  • Episode 3: Stork

  • Episode 4: Not a Sitcom

  • Episode 5: Dog

  • Episode 6: Fish

And, now, for Episode 7? The fly. This is a huge detail because, if you know your comics, you’ll know that this hints at a certain big bad behind all the bedlam. If you don’t know your comics, in Avengers Vol 8 Issue 38, Mephisto first appeared in the main Marvel universe (Earth-616) as a fly!

Credit: Disney

That’s not the only Mephisto hint we got; one of the pillars in Agatha’s lair shows a drawing of Mephisto!

Credit: Disney

Josh: This week’s commercial advertises the NEXUS antidepressant, which is pitched as a “unique antidepressant that works to anchor you back to your reality, or the reality of your choice”. This is a clear nod to Wanda creating Westview following on from her loss of Vision and the trauma his death caused, leading her to require these antidepressants.

Credit: Disney

In the comics - the Nexus is a cross-dimensional gateway which provides a pathway to any and all possible realities, this includes realities between realities. It is unknown whether it was created by some being or just if it's the one place in the entire multiverse where all realities naturally intersect. This could be the way to explain the appearance of Pietro, perhaps. More recently in Marvel lore, the Nexus showed up in a Marvel x Fortnite collaboration where the Marvel characters traveled into the Fortnite world using the Nexus (however I don’t think any Fortnite characters will be showing up…)

Interestingly about the NEXUS are the Nexus Beings, who are rare individual entities with the ability to affect probability and thus the future, thereby altering the flow of the Universal Time Stream. These beings, each referred to as a nexus, act as the keystones of the Multiverse and are crucial to its ultimate coherence and stability. Nexus Beings are vigilantly watched over by cosmic forces such as the Time Variance Authority and the Time-Keepers to be aware of any temporal changes that the nexi may cause to the Time Stream and act accordingly. We know for a fact that the TVA is confirmed for Loki, so could this be a small set up for that series?

Wanda could end up being the reason past Spider-Man villains show up in Spider-Man 3 also with the Nexus opening up and allowing cross dimensional travel between multiverses, which will also set up Doctor Strange 2...

Expanding the borders of the false world we’ve created | MCU Ties

Mo: The episode contained a little reference to the Agents of SHIELD plot point, the Darkhold. As I mentioned above, whether this recanonises AOS remains to be seen. Darcy also takes time to explain to Vision the events of Avengers: Infinity War, which is great. Very nice of her.

Credit: Disney

Josh: I really really really hope that Major Goodner is not the aerospace engineer, and that they are still a mystery character behind the scenes we have yet to see who built the vehicle for Monica but didn’t give it to her persay, but I’m doubtful of this outcome. We still have a mystery character on the way confirmed NOT to be Evan Peters, so fingers crossed...

We did get some nice nods to Captain Marvel and Nick Fury during Monica entering Westview again, which is nice set up for Monica showing up in Captain Marvel 2 - Carol being the reason how Monica decided to keep trying and ultimately led to Monica taking control of her powers.

Counting on me to have all the answers | Predictions

Mo: In last week’s review, I had a list of questions that I think WandaVision needed to answer in order to give a satisfying conclusion to the show. We’ve seen the answers to three of of them:

  • Who is Agnes?

Agatha Harkness

  • Who is Monica’s “guy”?

General Goodner

  • What is Hayward up to?

He wants to recreate his sentient weapon, Vision

Credit: Disney

I’d argue that the post-credits scene gave us some hints as to who the real antagonist of the show is, but I’m not all in on that just yet, especially seeing as we don’t know whose side FoX-Men Pietro is on.

  • Who is Ralph?

  • Who is Jimmy Woo’s witness protection guy?

  • Is Wanda really the evil one/Who is the real antagonist of the show?

  • Who is the mystery cameo?

  • How did FoX-Men Peter/Pietro come to the MCU?

  • How does this play into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

My prediction for the next episode? I think it’ll finally be the flashback episode we’ve been waiting for. We’ll probably get to see everything from the moment Wanda left Tony’s funeral in Endgame, including how she took Vision and created the Hex. It’s quite a nice structure if they do a flashback at Episode 4 then again at Episode 8. It’s like poetry, it rhymes.

There’s still a lot to unpack and a lot more action; I’m willing to bet that Episode 8 will tee up the final battle very nicely, and Episode 9 will be an all-out fest of just the biggest action set-pieces you could ever lay your eyes on. Barring Endgame, of course.

I also have a rogue theory: the remaining final episodes will each have a post-credits scene.

Josh: My little predictions of the week!

  • The kids are gone, they’re coming back definitely for Young Avengers - but this version of them are complete goners, thanks to Agatha…

  • Pietro is simply a puppet of Agatha’s - maybe even the rabbit who knows… but I still believe he is the X-Men version pulled out of the multiverse by Agatha using her witch magic

  • We are going to get a Agatha backstory, a complete one - now we’re past the sitcom-esque genre I believe we’ll see the startings of Westview and also Agatha’s life before the Hex

  • Vision will have to die again - it’s been foreshadowed by Pietro (who we now know is under Agathas’ control)

  • Monica is unpowerful for the time being - the purple eyes in the post credits clip tell us Agatha has already got to her, maybe showing her who she is after all the teasing similar to how she showed Wanda - could we see Monica, Pietro and Agatha vs Wanda and Vision???? , with Monica and Pietro under Agatha’s control

  • Mephisto/Nightmare (whoever you want!) are still coming but not as you expect… maybe a post credits teaser - imagine the mid-credits scene is the Big Big Bad, but the post-credits scene is Doctor Strange?!

Summary and rating

Mo: This episode was phenomenal. It really was. The show’s creators demonstrate week over week that they’re willing to take risks and be playful with the television format. Whilst it could be disappointing that the episode was only 38 minutes, the fact remains that the story is as long as it needs to be. The episode offered a lot of fan-service, a lot of connections to the past, present and future of the MCU, and kicked off the final act of WandaVision. To me, the episode is a 5/5.

Josh: Absolutely fantastic episode, this is setting up to be some fantastic finale action. Some great and memorable moments, and Kathryn Hahn KILLED it! Exciting stuff for Monica too setting up all her powers… 5/5!

What did you think? Did you like Episode 7 of WandaVision? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, where you can find me (@StreamingBuffer) and Josh (@JoshM_Jones). Watch new episodes of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision every Friday at 00:00PST until 5 March 2021.

Until then, happy streaming!

Clue 9: I managed to piss off all the theatres in one fell swoop.

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