WandaVision (1-06) "All-New Halloween Spooktacular!" Review

WandaVision’s sixth episode just released on Disney Plus and we have a lot of thoughts and theories. Spoilers after the space!

This is it, game time (Plot)

Mo: The episode opens up with Billy, named Billy Maximoff in the show, talking about how much he loves Halloween, the central theme of the episode. Unlike some other episodes which featured a cold open, this episode starts with the recap and goes straight into the theme tune and opening titles which have some nice details (39 minutes left of recording to reflect the episode length). The twins, Tommy and Billy, are discussing their new houseguest who is passed out on the couch: Uncle P(ietro), played by Evan Peters.

Wanda bounds down the stairs in her comic book accurate costume and states that she’s a Sokovian fortune teller, meanwhile, Vision appears in his costume - again, this is comic book accurate. The playful nature of the sitcom world works really well, especially with Billy’s off-hand fourth-wall breaks - it all really fits nicely. The show continues on with its weirdly horny vibe as Wanda and Vision flirt around the idea of chilli. Vision lies to Wanda by saying he’s got some neighbourhood watch stuff to do, making Pietro the de facto second adult looking after the kids while they go trick-or-treating.

Outside of The Hex, Hayward goes off on Monica and her posse (Darcy and Woo) and deals a couple of very low blows. He kicks them out of the inner circle, but they overpower their SWORD escorts and devise a plan to find out what Hayward is hiding from them.

Credit: Disney

While trick-or-treating, Wanda attempts to make sense of the fact that Pietro has been recast by testing Evan Pietro (my new name for him) on bits of trivia from their childhood. She questions why he looks different but, for now, it doesn’t really make sense. She bumps into Herb, who seemingly breaks character and asks her if she wants something changed. Very strange. This is when she finds out that Vision doesn’t have a neighbourhood watch duty to pull.

Outside of Westview, Monica, Darcy and Woo discover that Hayward is tracking Vision from inside Westview. Monica says that “her guy”, probably the engineer from last episode, is almost there when we go back to Westview.

Vision walks through the streets and sees that people are either stationary or on a loop; very creepy. He sees Agnes, dressed in a witch costume; sitting still in her car; and awakens her. She informs him that he’s an Avenger and that he’s dead after questioning her own state of existence. Vision then un-awakens her and she drives off, cackling. When Vision approaches the barrier to Westview, he’s in pain. He reaches out of the barrier and says that “The people need help”, before being pulled back into Westview piece by piece.

Credit: Disney

As Darcy runs to help him, she is cuffed by SWORD whilst Billy can sense that Vision is in pain. Responding to this, Wanda expands The Hex, engulfing the entire SWORD camp but missing Hayward’s getaway car.

The Snack for Survivors (Little details)

Mo: Kick ass. Need I say more? They apparently did need to say more, because Wanda says it as well. Nice little reference to our two Pietros’ alma mater.

The creepy yoghurt commercial was creepy, but I think it hid some hidden meanings. We see a shark come from beneath and tell the protagonist that he used to be hungry until he snacked on “Yo-Magic” (your magic). Could it be that, whoever the antagonist of WandaVision is, is feeding off of Wanda’s magic?

Credit: Disney

As I mentioned in the “Plot” section, Monica refers to her engineer as her “guy”, which could be a colloquial term and not indicative of any gender. That said, it does contradict the Spanish subtitles which used the female article; as to what this means, it could mean nothing, but there perhaps is a reason why this engineer has been mentioned now for two episodes in a row.

Also, Evan Pietro has a very telling line when he says “unleash hell, demon spawn”. We all know that, in the comics, the twins are literally spawns of Mephisto. Do with that what you will.

And, finally, the animals. If you don’t know, each sitcom episode of WandaVision has one animal that takes centre stage:

  • Episode 1: Lobster

  • Episode 2: Rabbit

  • Episode 3: Stork

  • Episode 4: Not a Sitcom

  • Episode 5: Dog

And, now, Episode 6: Fish. There was a fish in the tiny flashback right at the start, there was a fish skeleton in the Yo-Magic commercial, and there was a reference to Wanda magicking someone into “pickled herring”. There’s definitely something fishy going on here.

Credit: Disney

Josh: During a scene whilst all the Halloween shenanigans are happening we have a great easter egg in the form of a cinema billing with the highlights being “The Incredibles” and “The Parent Trap”. If you’re unfamiliar with the titles, which I highly doubt, The Incredibles is an animated film by Pixar about a family of superheroes - evidently in this episode Billy and Wiccan are shown to both have their powers, and I can now admit I know which kid is which - thank you Marvel for giving these kids some form of a personality. The Parent Trap is more to reference Pietro and Wanda, who are twins like the twins played by Lindsay Lohan and Hayley Mills in the 1998 and 1961 films, respectively.

Credit: Disney

We obviously get all of the family in their classic comic outfits - ironically Wanda mentions she is dressed after a “Sokovian Fortune Teller”, Vision announces his costume is that of a Mexican Wrestler, both Tommy and Pietro don the comic costume of Quicksilver whilst Billy dons the Wiccan costume, thought the last three aren’t explained about their choice of costume.

In a small flashback scene, we could get a nod to both Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff, when we see younger versions of Pietro and Wanda on a past Halloween where they caught Typhus. Pietro wears an eye patch similar to Fury’s, and whilst she is dressed as some form of bug - Wanda’s hair is reminiscent of Nat’s hair in Avengers: Endgame.

Credit: Disney

Pietro notably has a “Mom” tattoo on his left shoulder, and this could be referencing two shows from the 90s - Malcolm in the Middle, which a tonne of the episode is inspired by or The Simpsons. In Season 6, Episode 19 of Malcolm in the Middle, the youngest Wilkerson sibling, Dewey gets a tattoo across his chest dedicated to his mother (this could be what the tattoo is referencing), or similarly, in the very first episode of the Simpsons, Bart gets “Mother” tattooed onto his arms in hopes that it pleases his mother, Marge for christmas. If anything, it can definitely be argued if anything that Mom Tattoos are a great convention of the 90s.

Ultra low-rise jeans (Overall connection to the MCU)

Mo: This episode had a few connections to the MCU, the most notable one of course being that little flash of a pin-board Pietro from Age of Ultron. We definitely didn’t see that one coming. The show’s carving out a little niche for itself with the horrifying shock flashes and it’s creeping me out.

Darcy also mentions to Monica that, on account of her going through the boundary twice, her cells are doing flips. They’re definitely setting Monica up to have her powers as a direct result of her entering The Hex and, what’s interesting; the radiation exists only on the boundary, not within or outside of it. Could The Hex be a concentration of all of the energy released during Avengers: Endgame?

Josh: I think it is safe to say that Evan Peters is playing the MCU version of the Pietro we know and love. However, he has the face of the X-Men universe. I think this decision is purely a meta one (right now) but it is Marvel acknowledging that the multiverse is and will be a thing going forward. I think an explanation could happen as to why he has this face but we don’t know right now.

We got another Carol Danvers reference which is great, because I can’t get enough of them!

It’s not like your dead husband can die twice (Predictions)

Mo: I think Wanda’s dead husband will die twice. It’s classic foreshadowing, even if it’s a joke. The show seems to be about examining Wanda’s grief at Vision’s death and the loss of everything. If this is all a result of the manifestation of that, it seems a bit unfair to reward her with what she wants.

I am also fully committed (as if I wasn’t already) to the theory that Agnes is really the witch, Agatha Harkness. She was literally dressed in a witch’s costume. What sold it for me, though, was that we were shown two types of non-autonomous people: those frozen or those stuck in a loop. Yet, somehow, Agnes was neither. Then, when she was un-awakened by Vision, why didn’t she just revert back to her “frozen” state?

Credit: Disney

I really wonder how the show is going to tie everything up in the next three episodes. Just a reminder, we need the following answered:

  • Who is Ralph?

  • Who is Agnes?

  • Why didn’t Agnes have any ID?

  • Who is Jimmy Woo’s witness protection guy?

  • Who is Monica’s “guy”?

  • What is Hayward up to?

  • Is Wanda really the evil one/Who is the real antagonist of the show?

  • Who is the mystery cameo?

  • How did FoX-Men Peter/Pietro come to the MCU?

  • How does this play into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

Josh: Here’s a cracking theory about what Hayward is up to. We know he took Vision from Wakanda after his death (I’m guessing he just took it from Wakanda - unless the remaining Avengers returned him home after the Blip). I still can’t get my head around what he wants Vision for. We know SWORD were looking into Artificial Intelligence when Monica returned their but what are they doing with AI? And how is Hayward able to track Vision from inside the Hex?

It’s without a doubt that Agnes is lying to Vision during their interactions during the episode. Firstly, no one is in a dormant state with limited talking and then drives off after - especially when people on the edge of Westview are dormant and don’t move… so how is it that Agnes could drive away straight after her chat with Vision. I think she was pretending at first, to try and fit in with the other dormant residents of the town and there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Agnes…

Similar to Mo, with three episodes left we have had exactly 215 minutes of WandaVision - including credits. During the press for the film, it was announced that WandaVision would be roughly 6 hours long in total, we’ve only had about 3 hours 35 minutes of that 6 hours, with 2 hours and 25 minutes left to go which is roughly the duration of Captain America: Civil War. I want to predict that the last three episodes will all be around 40-50 minutes long each, allowing a tonne to happen!

Summary and rating

Mo: I think the episode was good. Whilst it didn’t push the plot forwards like other episodes, it did manage to push the plot outwards. It was a little frustrating because it felt like we got no answers and, as we quickly approach the end of the show, we really ought to know what’s going on. I can’t imagine there’s going to be too much more of a wait though; we’ve just completed Act 2 of a 3-Act show. As we plod along to the finale, I would rate this a tentative 4/5. Not the best out of all the episodes.

Josh: The episode was strong, not as good as previous episodes but still gave us new info and some great moments too and I thought Evan Peters shined this episode, and was definitely the highlight. With 3 episodes left, a lot of the set-up from the past 6 episodes will start to pay off and the long wait will be worth it. Overall, I’m gonna go similar with Mo and give the episode a solid 4/5

What did you think? Did you like Episode 6 of WandaVision? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, where you can find me (@StreamingBuffer) and Josh (@JoshM_Jones). Watch new episodes of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision every Friday at 00:00PST until 5 March 2021.

Until then, happy streaming!

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