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Buffer was born out of a desire to bring film and television analyses into the modern age by using industry news, industry trends, and thorough research to deliver thoughtful, engaging and exciting content. Whilst initially, I started it as a YouTube channel, the audience there prefers more visual content; this doesn't suit my own style which, after 5 years of law school, is geared towards a more long-form, written format.

What can you expect from Buffer? You can expect my ramblings of the current state of play of the media landscape, including reviews of the top content on all the latest streaming services, breakdowns of those, as well as my own insights into the future of streaming content.

I'm somewhat qualified... after all, I was the first person to discover that Disney+ was introducing a GroupWatch feature, and was also one of the first people to discover that Mulan would launch on Disney+ for all subscribers on 4 December 2020. I also accurately predicted what would become "Star" on Disney+, as well as discovering that the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt interactive special on Netflix would be subtitled Kimmy versus The Reverend.

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